Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District

Our County’s greatest resources are it’s people and our environment.
We test and monitor the soil and water to help ensure that our environment is healthy and safe.

Services for Residents and Municipalities

We provide hydroseeding, streambank and shoreline stabilization,
culvert enhancements, critical area seeding and other watershed services and erosion control measures.

Water Quality Testing and Monitoring

We monitor our lakes and provide a water quaility testing program,
along with our work to detect and eradicate invasive species in Hamilton County.

Welcome to the
Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District

Working to manage and promote the wise use of natural resources in Hamilton County since 1965

Job Vacancy - District Technician

  • As a seasonal technician, you will be responsible for implementing trail construction and maintenanceprojects on Hamilton County trails. Projects include trail clearing, bridge construction, generalmaintenance and more. (80%)
  • Additional tasks may include collecting water samples as part of our Lake Monitoring Program,terrestrial invasive species management, and assistance with our Hydroseeding program. (20%)

Seasonal Technician Application (PDF)


The Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District team includes four full-time staff, five Directors, and two partners that get conservation on the ground throughout the 1,808 square mile county.

Our commitment to conservation includes frequent trainings that enhance staff expertise, reliable customer service, innovative technology, and diverse programs and services that support landowners and natural resources.

Our focus areas include water quality, sediment and erosion control, invasive species, and conservation education.

Caitlin Stewart

Caitlin Stewart
District Manager

What We Do

The Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District staff members work to reduce soil erosion, protect water quality and quantity, manage invasive species, and offer diversified programs and educational events to the public. In order to protect the integrity of Hamilton County’s natural resources, the District provides technical assistance to land owners, municipalities, and organizations that meet conservation needs.

Professional Staff

Our highly trained professional staff work throughout Hamilton County

Watershed Monitoring

We monitor lands and waters for invasive species and chemical and physical parameters

Detailed Mapping

Data based GIS mapping provided to municipalities and landowners

Community Outreach

Envirothon, Conservation Field day, Waterfest and additional educational programs

Some Ways We Do It

We provide many services to Hamilton County including hydroseeding, lake and water quality monitoring and testing, education, student events like Envirothon and Conservation Field Day and so much more. Below you can find some of how we serve our residents, businesses and municipalities, and you can always use the main menu on the top of this page to find out even more.


Hydroseeding is available to residents and municipalities for erosion control, ditch and bank stabilization, and seeding or reseeding a lawn or disturbed area.

Water Testing Program

Hamilton County residents, municipalities and business owners can find out if their drinking and swimming water is safe by receiving certified results through our water testing program.

Invasive Species Management

We collaborate closely with the Adirondack PRISM to ensure that we have an effective strategy to help prevent invasive species from being introduced and to manage established populations.

Water Quality Monitoring

Lake water samples are analyzed for several parameters including total phosphorus, total nitrogen, ammonia, chlorophyll-a, chloride, calcium, true color, and dissolved organic carbon.

Sediment and Erosion Control

Shoreline and streambank stabilization assistance is offered to landowners and municipalities to prevent erosion and sedimentation. Site visits can be scheduled and site specific best management practices will be recommended.

Programs and Presentations

District staff are happy to work with educators, youth leaders, organizations such as Lake Associations, municipalities, and libraries on high interest topics.

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Years of Service

Conservation Projects

Years of Conservation Field Day & Envirothon

Community Programs

Take a look at our upcoming events. From our Tree and Shrub Sale, Adirondack Waterfest and more!



Office hours for the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District appear below. We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps working with you on your next project.


8 am – 4:30 pm


8 am – 4:30 pm


8 am – 4:30 pm


8 am – 4:30 pm


8 am – 4:30 pm

Sat, Sun and government holidays


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