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What Is

Hydroseeding involves the use of a high-pressure hose to apply seeds onto tilled or standing soil. The seeds are in a water-based grass seed spray (slurry) which help it adhere to the soil. Hydroseed may contain mulch, fertilizer, lime, or other natural additives to enhance lawn growth. The grass seed spray, which is often used to plant large or sloping areas, is applied from our hydroseeding truck to ensure that the slurry is evenly mixed when sprayed.

Hydroseeding  on the side of a bridge by theHamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District (52)
Hydroseeding is available to residents and municipalities for erosion control, ditch and bank stabilization, and seeding or reseeding a lawn or disturbed area.

If you have a hydroseeded lawn, please read our Hydroseeded Lawn Care Instructions for information on how to properly care for it.

For more information and price quotes, please contact Lenny Croote through our Contact Us page.

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