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Showdown at the Hamilton County Envirothon

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There was a showdown at the 28th annual Hamilton County Envirothon held May 5 where five teams from Wells and Long Lake Central schools took challenging natural resource exams and battled for first place.  The Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District organizes and hosts the event every year.        

“The Envirothon helps to reinforce science and social science concepts that students learn in school,” said Chris Young, Wells Central School Envirothon adviser.  “It’s just great to get outside on a beautiful day, and take time to learn about environmental science.  It’s a great learning activity that students will remember for years to come.”   

Natural resource experts wrote and proctored the exams for the high school students.  This year’s presenters were Seth Thomas, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Forestry); Christine Campeau, Adirondack Experience the Museum on Blue Mountain Lake (Wildlife); Tom Bielli, Natural Resources Conservation Service (Soils); Liz Weaver, Lake Pleasant Transfer Station (Current Issue:  Waste to Resources); and Bill Brosseau, Adirondack Watershed Institute (Aquatics). 

Teams had 20 minutes to complete each exam, many of which included a field component such as identifying tree species, analyzing soil permeability, and recognizing wildlife tracks.  Presenters reviewed the answers to their exam, and then teams hiked to the next station.       

Volunteers collected exams from each station and tallied the scores scores. 

Certificates for the top score in each category were awarded.  Wells Central School’s Bob Rossians received the top score in Aquatics.  Long Lake Central School’s Bryon and Friends received the top score in Forestry, Soils, Wildlife, and the Current Issue. 

Overall winners were awarded certificates.  First place went to Long Lake Central School’s Bryon and Friends, who received a plaque represented Hamilton County at the New York State Envirothon held May 25 and 26 at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva.  Wells Central School’s Bob Rossians and Pig Might Fly placed second and third.

Volunteers Ryan Cunningham of the New York State Soil and Water Conservation Committee, and John Stortecky of the District’s Board of Directors kept the event running smoothly by collecting and scoring exams and sounding the horn to signal when teams hike to their next station.  

“This event would not have been possible without the epic support of volunteers, presenters, advisers, and students,” said District Manager Caitlin Stewart.  “I thank the District staff, Lenny Croote, Jaime Parslow, Marj Remias, for assisting with organization and last-minute details.  Congratulations to all Envirothon teams!” 

A video of the Hamilton County Envirothon is on our Envirothon page.

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