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The District provides technical assistance to municipalities and landowners to enhance and repair culverts. Adequately sized and properly installed culverts are important to flood prevention and fish passage. To request assistance with evaluating the condition of your culvert or bridge crossing, please contact District Technician Lenny Croote at 518-548-3991 or through our Contact Us page. The District is working to compile a list of stream crossings in need of repair; please contact our office with locations.

Culvert replacement by Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District

The District is certified in the North Atlantic Connectivity Collaborative, and assesses road-stream crossings with a standardized methodology. District staff take precise channel width measurements that size culverts correctly to meet Department of Environmental Conservation and Army Corps of Engineers specifications, and allow for aquatic passage. Staff assess road-stream crossings for risk of failure / vulnerability and criticality, which focuses on the impacts road-stream crossing failure would have on emergency medical services.