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1. Monitor lands and waters for invaders.
2. Manage invasive plants.
3. Revamp our lake monitoring protocol to check for aquatic hitchhikers and disinfect equipment.
4. Offer our Volunteer Water Monitoring Program to concerned individuals, teaching them how to monitor their shoreline for pollution and invasive species.
5. Assist community organizations with invasive species initiatives.
Water Samples Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District
6. Offer community and classroom presentations.
7. Oversee the Regional Inlet Invasive Plant Program.
8. Offer invasive-free conservation grass seed and straw.
9. Offer non-invasive trees and shrubs for our Adirondack Tree and Shrub Sale.
10. Attend invasive species conferences and webinars.
11. Assist local landowners with invasive species inquiries.
12. Expand our educational outreach efforts including press releases, newsletter articles, posters, brochures, videos, social media, and website information.
13. Partner with APIPP and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service on invasive species initiatives.