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The District offers septic system dye kits for $5.

We also offer site assessments.

Septic System Inspection Program

District Technician Lenny Croote is certified in the Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Network, and completed a comprehensive training with classroom and field components that focused on regulatory updates, understanding septic system components and soil conditions, and how to maintain a healthy environment.

Leech Field at House Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District

To Schedule an Inspection

1. The home or business owner voluntarily contacts District Technician Lenny Croote requesting a septic system inspection.

2. Lenny coordinates a date and time with the home or business owner and the owner’s choice of a septic system pumping service. The septic system inspection will occur before and after tank pump-out on the same day.

3. During the inspection, Lenny collects data on the current condition of the leach field and septic system. Additionally, a map is created showing the location of the system.

4. Lenny provides a report to the home or business owner, keeps one on record at the Conservation District, and sends a copy to municipalities upon request.

5. The septic system inspection fee is $200.00. The cost for the tank pump-out is determined by the private contractor.